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This committee works with other community groups that provide benevolent actions. They develop and recommend procedures to establish the type, amount, and frequency of assistance to local organizations or families who request assistance.  The PLA President is the Ex-officio member for this committee. 

Community Outreach

This committee identifies and organizes community outreach projects for PLA such as the annual Police and Fire Department banquets and the Prosper Christmas Event.  Generally, members will be asked to donate time or specific items to these projects.  The PLA Vice President is the Ex-officio member for this committee. 


This committee is responsible for all nonprofit fundraising donations, functions and events.  This committee's biggest event is the Boots & Bling Gala.  The PLA Vice President is the Ex-officio member for this committee.


This committee attends the General Membership meetings and signs up new members and renewals during the meeting; welcomes new residents into PLA; encourages general membership growth; maintains membership lists and sends communications; sends emails; and responds to all new inquiries from new people wishing to join the PLA.  The PLA Treasurer is the Ex-officio member for this committee. 


This committee arranges and is responsible for all social activities connected with the monthly General Membership meetings; identifies the meeting location, program and supplies.  They are responsible for the following monthly General Membership meeting activities; identifies Keynote Speaker; aligns local charity partner speaker; event drawings; identifies and secures sponsor to cover the cost of the refreshments if applicable; orders and coordinates refreshments for meeting if applicable.  The PLA President is the Ex-officio member for this committee. 


This committee is responsible for photographs at each meeting; writes/reports monthly meetings to local area newspapers if applicable; and is responsible for all publicity of PLA and its activities. They work with membership to compile and distribute the monthly email newsletter to all members; displays meeting agenda and upcoming events at monthly meetings; and provides communication updates to Publicity Board Member for posting to social media outlets. The PLA Treasurer is an Ex-officio member of this committee.


This committee works with all other PLA committees that need support; organizes and announces the need for volunteers to participate in all PLA events by calling, sending email communications, and requesting support at the monthly general meetings to all members.  The PLA Secretary is the Ex-officio member for this committee. 

Prosper Young Ladies Association

PLA is excited to launch the Prosper Young Ladies Association (PYLA)! We are looking for young women (9th-12th Grade) who want to play a key role in serving their community, are eager to grow their leadership skills, and have the time and dedication needed to start a service organization.  


2021 Recipients of 5 Year Service Award

Front Row (L-R): Patty Felan, Darlene Morton, Lynn Lenhart, Chris Andres, Kerri Zimmerman, Nancy Mumy

Back Row (L-R): Tracy Strickland, Kirstan Thomas, Jessica Kutz

Not Pictured: Lori Puckett

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