Partnerships with PLA

Each year PLA is excited to welcome partnerships that are a vital part of our organization.  If you know of companies, business owners, additional nonprofit organizations that would be a wonderful partner with PLA, please contact us at our email address the information. 

Brown and Griffin thank you.jpeg
Logitrac thank you.jpeg

Prosper Ladies would like to send a very special Thank You Brown & Griffin and Logitrac Hyperdrive for their generosity during our Prosper Christmas Angel program.  Brown & Griffin donated the warehouse space to keep us organized for the drop off and sorting of Angel gifts.  Thank you for B&G for always being a big supporter of PLA.  This year Logitrac Hyperdrive built the website for our Angel gift donations which was a HUGE help.  We thank them for joining our efforts this season.  

We are truly blessed to have such amazing teams willing to donate their time and assets to our cause and make this holiday season one to remember for all our Prosper Christmas Angel families.  


Prosper Ladies would like to send a very special Thank You to LovePacs Prosper who is partnering with PLA in our Summer Lunch Program.  We are so excited with this partnership because of the good it will do for our school district children in need of food this summer.


Thank you LovePacs!