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College price tags can be daunting to students and families. This year, the Prosper Ladies Association will offer all graduating PISD High School Seniors the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to attend any college of their choice. 

If you wish to donate to the scholarship program, please click here to find the donation link.  


If you are a parent or relative of a student or a student who wish to apply, please see the information below. 


*Education Lift Scholarship & Ronnie Tucker Firefighter -
Jan 6 - Feb 1
*Serving Where it Matters & Continuing Education - Feb 15 - Mar 27

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Education Lift Scholarship:
This scholarship is for students who have a financial need. High school graduates will be awarded on a needs base and the amount of the award will vary.  Deadline to apply is February 1, 2023.  

This will take you to the PEF scholarship page

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Serving Where It Matters Benevolent Scholarship:
This scholarship is named in honor of our members of the Prosper Ladies Association who serve our community. High school graduates will be awarded for their example of serving others.  To be considered for this honor, applicants MUST have a mother or grandmother who is a current member of Prosper Ladies Association.  Deadline to apply is March 27, 2022

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Ronnie Tucker Firefighter Scholarship:
This scholarship will be hosted under the Community Scholarships with Prosper Education Foundation.  Funded by Prosper Ladies Association, applications will be provided to PEF for students who desire a major in Fire Science or Fire Science related field.  
Deadline to apply is February 1, 2023

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Continuing Education Scholarship:
This scholarship is for an adult woman over the age of 25, living in the PISD community who, after taking a break from education, desires to return to further her educational goals and gain financial independence for herself and her family.  

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